MISHEO specializes in illustrated scarves and art prints created by Canadian designer Michelle Pang, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.  Michelle is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is passionate about the natural environment. She launched Misheo in 2016, with an aim to merge art and fashion by creating functional wearable pieces from her original illustrations. The brand celebrates uniqueness and biodiversity by featuring her illustrations of rare wildlife, local flora and fauna, and at-risk species. Michelle’s hand-illustrated designs are professionally printed in small quantities onto high quality fabrics and papers.  They are finished by expert artisans to create truly one of a kind pieces.

Each piece stems from an original work of art and is characterized by elegant arrangements of natural motifs. Drawings are made completely from scratch using traditional media such as pencil and ink. A drawing is considered completed after the designer is satisfied with every detail, but the process is not finished.  We then move on to the coloring phase, converting the art to digital, and experimenting with different colors until a harmonious combination is created. The whole process can take up to a month for each design.


We choose digital print on natural fabrics. This method saves water, minimizes color wastage, reduces the amount of chemicals used, and ensures that the scarves are biodegradable should they reach the end of their cycle.
5% of net profits are donated to wildlife in need.  The funds go to organizations such as Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Western Living Designer of the Year 2023 Finalist
- International Design Awards (IDA) 2022 Gold Winner
- Western Living Designer of the Year 2022 Finalist
- Wolf and Badger Animal Protection Brand of the Year 2021 Finalist
- Western Living Designer of the Year 2021 One to Watch
- Etsy Design Awards 2021 Finalist